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Gone Camping

June 5, 2012

Last November I saw a friend of mine posting on Facebook about doing some writing, for this thing called NaNoWriMo. The term looked vaguely familiar though I couldn’t place it, mostly I was just happy to see someone on facebook talking about something more interesting than their cat or their latest video game obsession. It was probably sometime in December that I asked him about it and was directed to the website, where I found a forum and promptly made an account and started replying to people’s post. Took about two weeks before I realized the festivities only took place in November, and things were pretty dead on the forums until then. Annoyed that I was going to have to wait just shy of a whole year to join I went ahead and spent some time dicking around on the site, where I discovered Camp NaNoWriMo!

This brings us to today, the fourth day of the event, with me at just over 6k words (I get a different reading between my word processor, yWriter, and the NaNoWriMo word verification software). I’m keeping pace, though I’m a little behind where I’d like to be, and I’m using a lot of placeholder names which I’d like to have sorted out before the end of the month.

Continuing on with the steampunk kick I’ve been riding Iron Church is set in a fantasy world that I’ve been kicking around sense junior high or high school, medieval in nature, with lots of wrought iron, hammered brass, clock-work tech and misunderstood magic. It’s been fun to write so far, watching events unfold and seeing where the main characters are headed in their development. I managed to slip in a few cameo’s from a couple old D&D campaigns, some more subtle than others.

Anyone else out there doing Camp this year, or planning on taking part in the regular insanity this November? Back to work for me, planning on getting up to 8k by midnight tonight…

Well, that’s all I have this time, now what do you have for me? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

  1. Way to go dude!

  2. I am not “attending camp” but now I know what it is!

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