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I Told You I Was A Liar

April 10, 2012

Considering the name of my blog I hope this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to people. I don’t have an excerpt from Sidewinder today, but a history lesson that shows a little about the future. Sidewinder is still being worked on, and I’ve updated the word counter to reflect that. But I’ve got something else in my tangle of synapses that needs to come out.

When I was young I didn’t have much interest in reading. The stories that were available bored me to death, and for a long time I was too lazy to find anything else. History was pretty low on the priority list too, though I eventually came around here as well, it just took a little longer. Video games and movies were where it was at with me, the more violent the better. Oh to have back the quarters I put into the Mortal Kombat franchise alone…

The drastic change between elementary school Austin and junior high school Austin is probably worth its own blog post, so I’ll leave that for another time. The important part is I’m much more open minded these days, and my tastes aren’t quite so juvenile (I shudder at memories of the Bevis and Butthead phase), they are still full of violence, conflict, and brutality, but I think I’m on a much deeper level than I used to be (I should hope so anyways, I’m only talking twenty+ years of maturity).

My views on history I think represent some of the most drastic change. I’ve never been good with dates and getting all the facts straight, especially when I couldn’t find a reason to be interested in the information to begin with. Couple this with the majority of the history I was learning about in my formative years being stripped of nearly all violence (and a fair bit of truth, must keep up appearances), and you have me, fast asleep at my desk, face in a growing puddle of drool. It took a while, an embarrassingly long while if I’m going to be even a little honest, but I’ve developed a strong interest in history, and all the rich conflict it has to offer.

Large scale military action is often too abstract for me. Things like Risk are too far removed from the excitement. This is why I play Warhammer instead. One particularly famous skirmish has become a source of inspiration for another WiP of mine. I don’t know how much of the history will be visible after the story is finished, or how surprised people would be to see it presented in medieval steampunk format, but this tale took root in the Alamo.


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