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March 30, 2012

This is the beginning of Born to Lie, my writing blog. I’m Austin by the way, just another imaginative-guy-meets-keyboard-and-falls-in-love story. Here’s hoping the story is more of a comedy than tragedy?

I’ve always been a little…let’s call it “loose with the truth”…though growing up my parents tried to play it off as imaginative. Call it what you want, I love creating stories, whether they include me getting fired from work for offering sexual favors to the manager for a raise (this is what I told my mother when she came home and found me hanging out with a friend on my first day off of my first job), or a gambler turned airship captain trying to convince her passengers she has at least some idea of what she’s doing when in fact she’s playing this hand blind (the situation my protagonist is dealing with in my latest WiP)

Said WiP is a western steampunk piece, with a little horror, and maybe a little satire, though I wont bore you with the details just yet. The important part is the goal, least that’s what they tell us right? The goal was to Sidewinder for this years NaNoWriMo. I had a bout of impatients though, and began my little venture early. So the new goal is to have the first story (I’ve three planned out with recurring characters) finished and thoroughly edited/polished/fluffed/puffed by the end of the year. Leaving a subgoal of coming up with a new idea for November, though I’ve the faint stirrings of an idea that just might work.

As is often the case, one thing leads to another, and this goal leads to my second, which is to have this first story electronically published by end of January of 2013. Continuing on I’d like to see the second and third pieces finished and edited by the end of 2013, and will consider myself quite accomplished if they are published that year as well. Afterward I’m going to look into Kickstarter to see if I can connive people into funding a print release, but that is deep into the fog of the not-present.

I’m hoping to have an exert from Sidewinder ready for next time.


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  1. raydon12 permalink

    Welcome to the writing fun!

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